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photography by Jeff Khauck, Anthony Tahlier & Eric Kleinberg

GT Hot Sauce

Love the burn?

Take home a taste of GT with our signature hot sauces created by our very own Giuseppe Tentori!

Smoulder - the coal-fired red chilis lend a smoky, spicy vinegar flavor with a black pepper background. The quick heat of Smoulder is perfect for BBQ, steak, fried food, or mixed with butter for a chicken wing sauce.

Burn - the bright, lightly sweet green sauce is best compared to a medium heat salsa verde. The medium-high heat of Burn is great on tacos, short ribs, pulled pork - really anything that could use a taste of heat.

Scorch - the citrus flavored, yellow sauce has a high heat intensity, but doesn’t linger or burn. The Lemon Drop pepper makes Scorch unique and brings out a lemon taste to compliment your oyster and seafood palate.

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